Project 9 – Warp winding completed

I continued winding the warp. I counted warp threads at the end of each ball of yarn and tied them in bundles of 10.
1 ball = 32 warps
2 balls = 66 warps
3 balls = 99 warps
4 balls = 132 warps
5 balls = 165 warps
6 balls = 192 warps and a little left over. The left overs from each ball will be used as weft threads when weaving.

Warp winding completed – you can see the counting threads at the bottom.

I tied threads to hold the cross in place and also tied choke ties around the warp in about 5 places over its length so that it won’t tangle while dressing the loom.

The cross has been tied

The next step was to remove the warp threads from the warping mill. I did this by tying a knot at the end furthest from the cross and chaining the threads into a braid.

The chained warp – ready for putting on to the loom.
The knot is on the left and the cross is on the right.