Warp 45 – Warp end scarf completed

After completing a completely black piece, I felt in need of some colour. I thought that I should have sufficient warp for another four, possibly five, pattern repeats; so decided to use a combination of greens and blues for this piece.

It took quite a while (about two hours!!) to wind the five skeins into balls.
Then I tied the warp to to the apron rod, hemstitched and began to weave with the light green yarn.
I found even more knots in this second half of the warp! These were repaired by needle-weaving in an unplied length of warp yarn.

After weaving two pattern repeats (light green and mid-green), I looked at the amount of warp left and decided not to risk trying for five pattern repeats, so I skipped the dark green and went on with the mid-blue and light blue. This gave me 189cm of fabric. The pattern repeats ranged from 46.5-49cm, with an average of 47.25cm.

After hemstitching, the fabric was removed from the loom, wet-finished (cool water wash, ends trimmed and pressed on “silk” setting), dried & labelled. The finished piece weighs 148g and measures 35cm x 171cm. It is gorgeous – the colours really bring out the pattern!