Warp 45 – Dark matter – Scarf completed

I tied the warp to to the apron rod, hemstitched and began to weave.
Over a few days, I wove 5 pattern repetitions – this gave me 227.5cm of on-loom fabric. The pattern repeats ranged from 43-50cm, with an average of 45.5cm.
The purchaser of the scarf was able to come and weave about 70 picks of the final pattern repeat – he was thrilled to be able to participate in the creation of his scarf.
I finished by hemstitching and weaving a 2-stick header.

The fabric was removed from the loom, wet-finished (cool water wash, ends trimmed and pressed on “silk” setting), dried & labelled. The piece weighs 187g. It has a lovely feel and drape and the pattern is beautiful & subtle!

215cm x 36cm208cm x 35cm