Warp 45 – “Dark Matter” – Sample completed

The loom was dressed as planned (see previous post). After weaving the header rows to spread the warp evenly, I hemstitched on 2 picks of plainweave and wove to pick 256 (over half way) when the bobbin ran out. This was far enough for me to see the chaos of the edge growing into the star shape of the centre, so I decided to hemstitch, weave a 2-stick header and remove the sample for wet finishing.

Pre-wash dimensions – 36cm wide x 27cm, with the halfway point of the pattern at 20.5cm long
Post-wash dimensions – 34.5cm wide x 25cm long, with the halfway point of the pattern at 19cm long

When I inspected the finished sample closely, I decided that the floats at the centre of the pattern in both the warp and the weft were too long (9 ends). I used WeaveIT to decide how to reduce the float length so that the maximum will be 5 ends. This requires the addition of 2 warp ends threaded on shaft 3 adjacent to the centre of the pattern in both threading and treadling.

To make the alteration to the threading, I wound 2 additional warp ends 5.5m long, threaded these through two repair heddles on shaft 3, cut the warp from the 2-stick header, resleyed the reed from that point, tied the warp to the front apron rod and hung the new ends off the back of the loom on warp weights.
To add these two picks to the treadling was simply a matter of writing them onto the treadling diagram.