Project 11 – Finishing

I cut the entire length of fabric from the loom and removed the header rows yesterday. It is always fun to see the entire piece of fabric rather than the few centimetres that I am working on! The next step was to lay it out on the floor and take a photo!

Then I zigzagged the ends of each piece on my sewing machine and cut them apart – 2 zigzags, 1 cut, repeat.

Once they were all cut, I put them into a normal warm wash cycle in the washing machine and left them out to dry overnight.
Washing causes the cotton to shrink and the huck lace patterns to pop out of the fabric.
After drying, I trimmed off all loose ends, including the white weft threads that weren’t caught by the line of zigzag.
I decided that I wouldn’t hemstitch the ends of each piece as they look nice with a fringe – it would also take a long time to do the hemstitching on 26 pieces! So, I trimmed the fringes on each piece so that they were about the same length.
The final step is to sew a label onto a corner of each piece.