Project 11 – 26th piece

For this piece, the 26th, I used red, yellow, light blue, dark blue & purple and the Warp float, Weft float & Warp/weft float Huck lace pattern.
After weaving the 10 rows of tabby white and 6 rows of tabby green, I wove the following patterns:
Warp float – 3 repetitions of red
Weft float – 3 repetitions of yellow
Warp & weft float – 3 repetitions of light blue
Weft float – 3 repetitions of dark blue
Warp float – 3 repetitions of purple
Finally, I wove 6 rows of green and 10 rows of white to finish this piece.

I’ve joined the Jane Stafford Textiles weaving guild and have been watching here excellent teaching videos. So far, I have completed the first season; from these videos I have learned more about the importance of balanced weave. As a result, I’ve been more careful with my beating to ensure that the picks per inch of weft matches the ends per inch of warp (16). The easy way to do this is to look at the negative space in the fabric as I pull the beater forward. When the negative space forms a square instead of a rectangle, I know that I have the beating about right. It’ll be interesting to look at this piece when I remove everything from the loom, hem it and wash it.

It’s much harder to weave the balanced weave in the Warp & weft float pattern as the lace rows push down more easily than the tabby rows. They also move when the shed is changed.