Project 9 – Weaving has begun

I began the weaving by leaving a tail of yarn about 4 times the width of the fabric. After weaving 2cm of tabby weave with the plain blue yarn (tabby lifting sequence is 1,3 then 2,4), I hem-stitched the end.


After completing the hem-stitching, I continued weaving tabby with the plain blue yarn until I had completed 5cm. At this point, it was time to start weaving the Spanish lace pattern with the variegated yarn. In order to join in new weft threads, I unwound the 4-ply yarn and inserted 2-ply of each end. When these are beaten down, they give the same thickness as the original 4-ply yarn. The other 2-ply are trimmed off. This is one of the methods suggested in diagram E on p89 of “Learning to Weave” by Deborah Chandler.

Weaving has begun

I continued to weave plain blue tabby using the 16 warp threads at each edge (this is about 5cm as I have 8 ends per 2.5cm). At the edge of each of these tabby sections, I change the lifting sequence as required by the central section.

The join between the plain blue and the variegated yarns