Project 5 – Scarf for David

Once I had finished my large scarf/shawl (Project 3), a friend requested a smaller version.  So on 10 July 2018, I began making one.  I finished it on 21 August 2018.

For this project I used Ashford mercerised cotton Ne 5/2 for the warp:
Radiant orchid (purple) (56), Scuba blue (44) and Freesia (yellow) (54).  For the weft I used Twilight grey (10).  David chose the colours.

I threaded the loom using the weaving draft on page 76, 2nd down (M and W threading over 22: 2/2 twill) in “The handweaver’s pattern directory” by Anne Dixon.  This is similar to that used in Project 3 – I wanted to see what the difference was.  There were 64 threads of each of the 3 warp colours (total of 192 threads), each 175cm long.  The sett is 16epi.

11 July – I began winding the threads on to the warping mill
15 July – Wound warp onto back roller and began threading heddles
23 July – Began sleying the reed
27 July – Began weaving and hem stitched the end
20 Aug – Finished weaving (28cm x 125cm), hem stitched the end, knotted fringes and washed (warm water, normal cycle) and dried the cloth
21 Aug – Trimmed the fringes to 6.5cm (finished size 25cm x 118cm; not including fringes)

Once finished, I noticed a marked striping of the weft threads (see photo below).  This is probably due to tension differences as I roll the warp onto the front roller.  The loose part will be at the beginning of the new section, the tighter just before I wind the roller on further.

The cloth has finished up being tighter than that of Project 3.  Is this due to the difference in washing?  Project 3 was washed on a warm water, gentle cycle with the spin speed slowly increasing to fast.  This was washed on a warm water, normal cycle.

The beginning with header and hem stitched end…
Trimming the fringe
1 (1)
Finished weaving showing striping effect with weft
The scarf