Project 4 – scarf with fleece slivers

I started this project on 13 May and finished it on 13 June.  The finished scarf was given to Rebecca.

I used Ashford mercerised cotton Ne 5/2 Fog (cream) (03) for the warp and weft.  In between each weft pick I threaded slivers of fleece from an Ashford sample box containing silk/merino blend (20% mulberry silk/80% merino) and alpaca/merino blend (30% baby alpaca/70% merino) – see below for colours used.

I threaded the loom using a straight draft.  There were 128 warp threads, each 175cm long.  The sett is 16epi.

18 May – I began winding the threads on to the warping mill
19 May – Wound warp onto back roller
20 May – Began threading heddles
31 May – Began weaving – hem stitched end and wove 7.5cm plain weave.
At the second set of greens (moss/peppercorn), I created a “buttonhole” in the centre so that the other end of the scarf can be threaded through it for it. This is from 21.5cm-27.5cm from he end of the finished fabric.
13 June – Finished weaving – wove 7.5cm plain weave and hem stitched end (18cm x 95.5cm).  I had been planning 120cm length, but when I had finished weaving 2 complete sets of the various colours as planned, I had completed only 88cm + 7.5cm plain weave.  The warp threads were not long enough to permit me to weave a 3rd set of colours.

Once the fabric was off the loom, I rolled the ends and hand stitched them.  The fabric was then washed.  After washing the dimensions were 17cm x 91cm long – just long enough.

Fleece balls for slivers; cream for warp and weft

Colours are (AM = alpaca/merino; SM = silk/merino):
Frost (AM), Sorbet (SM), Sunset (SM), Rosehip (AM), Primrose (AM)
Moss (AM), Peppercorns (SM), Salvia (SM), Damson (SM), Seamist (AM), Granite (AM)

Halfway through
Finished – one side with bobbles.  The “buttonhole” can be seen in the centre of the 2 greens at the left hand end
Finished – the other without