Warp 43 – Photo 51 – Preparation

One week ago, I wound the warp – 528 ends wound with 4 in hand – 1 of each colour. This meant 132 rounds of the warping mill. Once completed, I tied the cross and removed the warp from the mill in a tight chain.

A few days later, I dressed the loom. The warp was spread in the raddle (8 ends per slot). Heddles were then threaded (see previous post for threading details) – this took me a couple of afternoons.

Today, I sleyed the 10dpi reed with 4 ends per dent (40epi). I realised that I hadn’t allowed an end at each side for a floating selvedge, so I cut two 6m lengths (1 red and 1 light blue) and hung these off the back of the loom with warp weights.

The warp was then tied to the front apron rod and I tied up the treadles, including plainweave (1256 & 3478).

I’m now ready to begin weaving!