Project 10 – Sleying the reed

I started to thread the warp threads through the reed on 16 February and finished it on 21 Feb.
As I began, I realised that I really should have wound the warp in small bundles instead of as a single bundle. There was no way that I was going to sley the whole reed in a single go. So I threaded lease sticks through the cross and tied it to the front beam in order to keep the cross intact.
I also realised that I had actually tied the warp threads into groups of 10 with the counting threads. I separated the warp threads into bundles of 10 double threads using the counting threads, cut the warp ends and tied the bundle with an overhand knot as I made each group.

The next step was to sley the reed with these bundles – I wanted 2 double threads per dent. After threading the first half of the warp threads through the reed, I realised that I had missed a dent back near the beginning, so I rethreaded those threads to correct the error.

Then all that was left to do was to separate the remaining warp threads into bundles of 10 and thread these through the reed.