Project 3 – Shawl/scarf

I decided that it was time to make something for myself.  So in March 2018, I began planning a shawl/scarf that would use many colours.  I finished this on 11 May 2018.

For this project I used Ashford mercerised cotton Ne 5/2 for the warp:
Radiant orchid (purple) (56), Dazzling blue (46), Scuba blue (44), Green glow (52), Freesia (yellow) (54) and Chilli pepper (red) (12).  For the weft I used Twilight grey (10).

I threaded the loom using the weaving draft on page 37, Finnish Twill no 3 (no tabby) of “A handweaver’s pattern book” by Marguerite Porter Davidson.  There were 64 threads of each of the 6 warp colours (total of 384 threads), each 3m long.  The sett is 16epi.

14 March – I began winding the threads on to the warping mill
17 March – Wound warp onto back roller
18 March – Began threading heddles
1 April – Began weaving
9 May – Finished weaving (55cm x 225cm)
10 May – Made fringes, washed and dried the cloth
11 May – Trimmed the fringes to 7.5cm (finished size 52cm x 219cm)


On the warping mill


I’ve finished the heading rows …


… and started weaving


Finished cloth