Warp 40 – Ready to weave

A friend has asked me to make a silk scarf similar to that of Warps 32; he particularly likes the colour effects.

I started out by adjusting the pattern used for Warp 32 (handweaving.net #74140 – 8 shaft echo pattern with 4 colours in the warp and 1 in the weft) to get a symmetry that I prefer – this won’t actually show up in this piece as I’m only threading a single pattern repeat and the changes effect the section where the pattern repeats “join”.

No. of pieces = 2 + sample
Warp = 20/2 silk – alternating blue, green, orange, purple
Weft = 16/2 mercerised cotton (black) or 20/2 silk (black)
Warp length = 4.75m
272 ends (1 pattern repeat) + 1 float at each end
Raddle = 4,4,4,8
Reed = 12dpi
24 EPI
Sley = 2 ends per dent
Treadling repeat = 384 picks (!)
Sample = 1/2 treadling repeat with half in 16/2 cotton, half 20/2 silk (leave long tails on hemstitching so I can tell which end is which)

The warp was wound (with 4 ends in hand, 1 of each warp colour), the loom dressed, header rows woven and the end hemstitched on 2 picks plainweave.