Project 12 – Hemstitching and weaving begins!

I began with 2 picks of black and then hemstitched the edge using the method described by Jane Stafford in her Guild video – Season 1, Episode 3, part 5.

Then I started on my next weaving adventure!

The weft is to be the same as the warp. So, the first pattern to weave has a pick of Black alternating with a pick of White (uses 2 shuttles) for ~48 picks. The warp has 48 threads at 16epi, I’m aiming for 48 threads at 16ppi. It’s more important to get the graphic square than to weave 48 picks if my beating is slightly off. In order to get the graphic square, I need to weave 7cm.
I took care with my selvedges and I made sure to “jump the bump” and “dive the dip” at the edges when switching from white to black. After 16 picks, I measured the weaving – I had 1 inch! So spot on with the beating so far! Let’s see how it goes by then time I get to 48 picks!

It’s great to watch the different patterns emerge across the fabric as the weft goes back and forth.